The Story of Squig

Most people ask why I gave Squig its name. Fair question ha.

Squig(gle). Squig = the ups and downs and right turns and left turns and ten steps back and one step forward. It is the highs. Those moments you know for sure that this is what your heart was made for. It is the lows. They make you almost quit entirely. Sometimes you do quit. 

Squig celebrates these wobbly tracks that sometimes don't feel like they'll lead anywhere. In life and in creativity. 

Have you ever seen Alexander Calder's early work? In my opinion, it wasn't that great. Well, I mean, in comparison to what we now associate him with and remember him for. Art is much like self discovery. You have to reach to the ends of yourself to really create what is your best. There is no middle ground. 

In "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield, he speaks of the "Resistance" and how it "is the most toxic force on the planet". It is so true, isn't it? "To yield to Resistance deforms our spirit". The fear, the acceptance that we "will fail anyway". We resist because we are scared to try. And with this acceptance, we are followed around by our unlived life. The one in which we try and strive and fail, but also succeed. 

Try and strive and fail, because ultimately those are the winners of this big ol' Squig called life. 

- Sarah x