The idea of the Carve collection came about from my desk at Action House Studios in South London. I was working as a studio manager and I was stuck in a limbo. I knew I wanted to create, but where did I fit? Tbh, still trying to figure this out. Carving was a sort of meditation for me, and I found myself doing it while I dreamt up future goals.

 I remember carving some sapele that I had found in the cut off bin. The texture of the wood was something that struck me. A lot of the time, when you’re working with wood, you are working toward smoothness and softness. It became interesting to me to bring out the opposite of this. A rough texture that could be captured by a mould.

 I started out with chunkier pieces and brought them to a metal smith. I asked if they could sandcast them. He said yes, but that I wouldn’t end up with the wood texture I was looking for. He explained that I needed the lost wax process to be able to catch that detail. And so, I went to the jewellery district in London straight from work. And that is how Carve was born!

 Creation is so fun, and I find mold making can open so many doors for a maker. Carve is created from wood to begin and is molded and cast in silver. I loved the process of making this collection. It brought me into the jewellery world and I’m looking forward to many ear parties going forward.