Pardon my French with Garance Doré - Carte Blanche: Turning a Creative Passion into a Business

Some Listens // July 2020

Pardon my French with Garance Doré 
Carte Blanche: Turning a Creative Passion into a Business

Garance has a conversation with three women that are at different stages of starting and owning small businesses. I liked this conversation because of the honesty they brought to it and how they agreed to disagree on some things. Some were open about wanting their businesses to become large businesses, with flagship stores all over the world, while others said that wasn’t important to them. Some said they wanted a hand in everything that happened at their business, that they found it difficult to hire people, others were not as fussed about that. 

Clare, founder of Clare V. talks about how she tells people her business started 10 years ago, but in truth it started 15 years ago. She says, “when you’re starting a creative business on your own, we don’t know if it’s really going to turn in to a business or not. We have dreams and we have aspirations, and you have the intentions that it’s going to turn into something. I never wanted to jinx myself by calling it a business too early.” 

Another bit I really enjoyed was Ellen Marie Bennett, founder of Hedley & Bennett, talking about how she came up their logo: 

“One thing I did about 8 months into Hedley & Bennett was I was really inspired by the Lacoste alligator, the little patch. I loved it. I loved that it was a symbol but it wasn’t a giant billboard of Abercrombie & Fitch. It was just so clean and subtle and there. It was an element but it wasn’t the thing. And so, I decided to take the ampersand and symbol from our logo and to put a little box around it and make it a patch. Like the Lacoste alligator. And I situated it right on the top, right chest pocket of the apron, so now if you see it on any TV show that we outfit - we are on most shows on the food network and things like that - you’ll see the little square patch.”

A great listen!


Pardon My French with Garance Doré