Untethered Productivity

Untethered Productivity

Untethered Productivity? 

An unexpected thing I’ve noticed while reading these two books in tandem, is how similar a lot of the ideas are. I would not have originally thought this, just taking in their covers and their titles. The Untethered Soul was recommended to me by a yoga teacher. She is someone who mediates every morning and has “morning tea thoughts” on her instagram page (which are always very insightful and wonderful, check her out @livingroomyoga). When I first read The Untethered Soul, it completely changed the way I thought and acted around certain situations that once, would send me into a frenzy.   

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was passed on to me by a very successful business woman. I was slightly intimidated about opening it up when I first received it. I assumed it would be about all the things I have managed to be terrible at my whole life. Going through cycles of striving for them and then giving up because I thought maybe it just wasn’t for me. I wouldn’t have looked at that cover a year, or even a months ago, and thought, this book could help me become more myself. It’s a business-y book! But alas, the ideas throughout the two books are overlapping. They echo each other. 

It’s the assumption that left and right brain people are so polar opposite that they can't leave marks on one another, they can’t feed each other with knowledge. What a strange thing to assume? Maybe that is the piece I was missing for so long during my early 20s and have been grappling with in my late 20s. To become our “best self”, we can’t just lean on the comfortable side. We must dip into sides of ourselves that we haven’t developed, we might not even know they are there at all. Hence why, they feel unnatural at the beginning. 

The artist should read the books they think their accountant brother would read, and the CEO should read the books that proclaim, “spiritual awakening” and “radical healing”. The people that are way ahead of the rest of us, are already doing this! Here’s the thing that might seem quite obvious to many of you already: when your soul is untethered, you are able to be your most productive – in work and in life.