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Some Reads // August 2021

I found this Vogue Australia interview through journalist, Grace O’Neil’s Instagram (YES I KNOW BUT INSTAGRAM IS A GOOD RESOURCE OK?). Grace interviews Charlie Porter about his new book “What Artists Wear”. I am going to buy the book today! RIGHT UP MY STREET. I find what artists choose to dress in/ surround themselves with very interesting (and clearly most people do). It’s not necessarily informed by trends or by social class, as much of fashion can be and has been, but it is definitely carefully considered in a separate type of way. A different kettle of fish, but also overlapping, like a venn-diagram. While in this book it seems Charlie is focusing on the sculptors, the painters, the photographers, I do think you could go into other veins as well. Fran Lebowitz for example, is someone I’d say is an artist that dresses as such. Her style is simple and yet, identifying.

A good quote to sum up what the book covers:

“One of the driving forces behind the book was to look at clothing in a different way than purely as fashion or purely as something that’s in perpetual forward motion. I wanted to look at clothing as something that we live in and experience – to flesh out the idea of what fashion is.”